When I began the GMS Queen City half marathon on Sunday Sept 10, it was a warm day. As I came to the start line a few spectators were calling that I would be way too hot with the 'towel on my head and around my neck', but only a few kilometers into the race the sweat had started to moisten the Hoodifit and with the wind it was a cool relief - a cool towel on my head kept me from overheating. Though it looked warm at the beginning, it did not feel that way. I was able to easily wring it out along the way without removing it and found it so handy for the run, pulling it up as a hood when I wanted to wipe away more sweat.

Thanks for a great product! - I emailed you a couple of pictures of me wearing it during the 21.2 KM run.

Another great use I found for the Hoodifit was when my son and I hiked the Valley of 1000 Devils in Grassland National Part in southern Saskatchewan (just above Montana and North Dakota) on the September long weekend. This is a no trail bad lands with hoodoos and elevations changing up to 85 meters, there are no campsites, washrooms or amenities. It is you and nature. We hiked in and stayed the night and hiked out in the morning (17 KM for full trip). Since I am highly susceptible to heat stroke, and do not like to wear hats, I found the Hoodifit the perfect companion to replace the hat (to protect me from the sun), absorb sweat and help me stay cool - I even rolled it up at night and used it as a pillow.

Anytime I need a towel handy and need my hands free, it's the Hoodfit for Me!

Don Meek

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada