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We are very please to announce our exciting news. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be featured on! They have been so supportive of our product and us and we had such an amazing experience with the investors, producers and the people at Entrepreneur Magazine! We invite you all to join us and share the excitement with us! We are soon launching our featured Indigogo campaign, sign up here and we will keep you posted on all the news!

- Laurie, Melissa and Sarah

Coming this Spring!

We pitched! See what happens this spring on Entrepreneur Magazine's Elevator Pitch powered by Indiegogo! We are proud to be one of Entrepreneur's featured campaigns on their website.
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You can make a difference. You can help us build our brand. And our promise to you is that you will have a unique quality piece to enjoy. We will never forget the people who helped us to grow our business and our dream. Every piece that every one of you wear and enjoy helps us spread the word and bring us closer to our dream of introducing this new design to the world.

Many thanks in advance for your support!

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Germs at the Gym Your fitness club's dirty little secret:

Article from Fitness Magazine: (read full article here)

Bugs that cause colds and flu, athlete's foot, and skin infections are everywhere. Here's how to protect yourself.

The Dirtiest Spots at the Gym

You hit the gym regularly to be healthy and fit. Yet you may be getting more than flat abs and strong arms there. Gyms are hotbeds of germ activity, researchers say. Norovirus, which causes stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, can survive for a month on the surface of exercise machines. The fungi responsible for foot infections multiply at a blinding pace in the shower. And microbes like MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can lead to dangerous skin infections, lurk in the locker room. To help you stay safe, FITNESS asked top experts to ID the biggest danger zones in the gym and to share the best germ-beating strategies.

Hot Spot: Towel

Germ Meter = High

You grab a "clean" towel from the pile at the gym. What you can't see is that the fibers may be teeming with E. coli or MRSA. "Most gyms use the same hamper to transport dirty towels and clean ones," Tierno says.

Germ Warfare

Bring your own towel, marked with an X on one side with a permanent marker, Tierno advises; only that side should make contact with gym machines. Use the unmarked side to wipe sweat off yourself. Bring a separate towel if you're showering at the gym. Try an antimicrobial one, available at sporting goods stores, to reduce your risk for infection.