• Allen Wan

    Aug 23 2016

  • Hello Laurie, Melissa and Sarah,Just wanted to send an email to thank you for everything about the Hooded Infinity Sports Towel and some of the thoughts I had, experiences and everything with it so far. I am super happy to have one and i received it on Saturday afternoon actually. 

  • Was sooo excited to get the double pack and everyday since considering i bike everywhere i usually go i have worn one. They have really been great to use and very comfortable material. Somethings i did notice considering i bike is that i do have to loop the Towel around my head around the top to get it to really hold in place which is just fine and it actually blocks the sun out of my eyes really well and keeps the sweat off my brow which is great. Also since the material is so comfortable i found myself already twice forgetting it was on my head at night and falling asleep in them and my mom actually taking a pair because she has done the same. I will soon have to buy another set of 2 or 4 possibly at this rate because my mom absolutely loves them now since I purchased them and asked about even having other colors like a blue or red color because she also uses them as just a general fashion accessory because she likes the infinity scarf look with a hood that can keep her head warm lol

  • Outside others seeing me walking around with it on have been constantly asking me about what it is and showing them how comfortable the material is and using while working out in the gym has led to lots of ppl taking pictures of the website that is on the infinity towel which has been really nerve wracking for me since usually not too out spoken when outside. 

  • Something that i did notice that did get in the way slightly is the placement of the label which pointed out the material and washing directions being put on the left side of the infinity sport towel which in my usage sometimes got in the way of where i usually would use to quickly grab and wipe down with. I am not too sure of a better place to put this honestly but just wanted to bring it to your attention that in my personal opinion it could be moved to another spot possibly somewhere in the base of the hoodie or somewhere else just to more put away is all. Yet that is just a minor thing and really loving this and will definitely be back to get some more of them pretty soon. 

  • I hope things are going well for you and your daughters and that more good news comes towards you and for the the Hooded Infinity Sport Towel because its great.

  • Keep up the Great Work to all of you! :)

  • The Very Proud Owner of 2 and More Soon Hooded Infinity Sport Towels
    Allen ^_^