From Left to Right: Sarah, Laura Alison, Melissa

From Left to Right: Sarah, Laura Alison, Melissa

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Laura Alison Design


Passion and love – The two main ingredients behind any great, revolutionary idea or invention.  It is exactly those two emotions that started and drive Laura Alison® to be what it is today, and will be the continuing forces behind the business as it undoubtedly grows and prospers.   As a single mother, the two pieces that always made Laura's heart whole  have been her two daughters.  Four years ago, the desire to make Christmas an especially memorable one for them turned out to be a more life changing decision than she had anticipated.  Laura has always had a passion for creating things.  Whether it be with thread and needles, yarn, cloth, wood, paint, she would use virtually anything to create something when it couldn’t be found in stores.  Laura loves to create things made with love, every time.


What came to be, after many trials and tribulations of course, is the Hooded Infinity Design.  This patented design collaborates a wrap around “infinity” scarf with a roomy hood to create both a fashionable and functional accessory; essentially a key component and staple to any wardrobe.  The unique and extremely practical design became a hot commodity among friends and family and word spread – quickly.  Once Laura began taking orders, she came to the realization that what she had on her hands was no longer just a passion – it was a business.  


With the collaborative efforts of Laura and her two daughters, Melissa and Sarah, Laura Alison® was formed.  Because of all the different ways that this design can be utilized and produced, (be it different colors, sizes, patterns, materials, etc.), The Hooded Infinity collection can expand indefinitely.  Once it was realized that this design could not only be knitted, but made in a cut and sew fashion as well, production began to really take off as the process became less time consuming.  Ideal for concerts, marathons, travel, sporting events, promotional products, collegiate, even character, there are a wide variety of possibilities for the Hooded Infinity line.